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Paint and Body Repair

car that had been painted and color matched

Car Painting

We know that painting your car can make it look new again, and we take extra precautions to make sure we match the color of paint that is currently on your car, or find a color that you like if we do a complete paint job. Court Automotive Paint and Body Shop employs experienced, certified technicians to paint our clients' cars.

Auto painting should be done by professionals, and our trained, experienced staff offers the following auto painting services:

  • Expert color matching
  • Complete color changes for cars
  • Custom auto paint jobs
  • Automobile scratch repair
  • Wet sanding
  • Car buffing
  • PPG Waterborne paint
  • Rust removal from cars and vehicles
  • Metallic paint for cars and vehicles

Primers are not all the same, and we make sure to use a high quality primer before we apply the paint to your car. You might say that primer is the "middle-man" between the bare metal of your car and the outer layer of paint that you see. A high quality primer will make sure the paint will last for a long time and actually stick to your car, without peeling under the hot Texas sun.

Expert Color Matching

Before we paint your car, we mix the color properly and perform a spray-out on chips. Court Automotive does this to make sure we have the correct color to perform a blendable match to the color that is currently on your automobile.

Complete Color Changes for Automobiles

We can totally change the color of your car and we do it the right way with no shortcuts.

To prep your automobile for painting, we remove the doors, trunk lid, hood, fenders, and bumpers. We clean the car down to the metal and prep it with a high quality primer before the painting process begins.

After the car has been painted with a different color, we reconstruct the car and hand it back over to you. You will drive away with an impeccably, repainted car.

Custom Auto Paint Jobs

This procedure results in the highest quality finish. This car paint job is flawless and extra clear. We wet sand the car with ultra fine, 3000 grit sandpaper and buff it until it has a mirror finish. It's beautiful!

Automobile Scratch Repair

We know that every scratch has its own unique characteristics, and to repair the scratch, we have to determine how deep the offending mark penetrated the car's paint, primer, and metal.

To repair a scratch in a car, we start with wet-sanding and buffing before we determine the next steps needed to remedy the situation. Some scratches may actually be superficial marks that can be rubbed or buffed out. Others may extend deep into the car's metal body and will need to be handled differently. Court Automotive will be sure to keep you informed as we remove the offending scratch and return it to its original condition.

Wet Sand

An ultra fine sandpaper, rubbing compound, and polishing glaze are used to polish the car. This is not a job for an amateur, and our highly trained technicians know how to perform this job with perfect results. The resulting shine on your car will be picture perfect.

Car Buffing

When we detail an automobile, we buff it to bring back the shine. Just think about all of the dirt, grime, road materials, contaminates, and a host of other items your car encountered as it traveled the highways. These things accumulate, and, over time, give your car a dull look, even though you may wash and clean it periodically. Merely running the car through an automated car wash will not bring out the original shine in your car.

We make sure to clean your car first, and then use the correct compound before we start the buffing process. You will be amazed at the resulting shine on your car.

Color Matching the Paint on Your Car

Before and After Results

car that has been in wreck and is waiting to be repaired and painted

We take great care when we color match the paint on your car. We want to make sure that the car you bring to us to repair will leave our shop looking like new, and you will be unable to tell where the repair was made.

We Use "Green" Paint to Keep You Safe

car that has been painted with environmentally friendly blue paint

We do our share to help take care of our environment. We use paint that is considered "green" and will not pollute the air or harm our environment. This paint will also help keep your family safe from dangerous contaminants.

PPG Waterborne Paint

This is the newest "green" method of spray painting a car. It is the same method that is being used in automobile factories today. This produces a perfect match for your car, reduces the release of contaminants, and it is environmentally friendly. We are proud to be one of the only local shops to offer this innovative procedure.

Auto Body Rust Removal

Rust can ruin the body of your auto and we make sure to remove it the right way. To remove rust from a car, we clean the rust and get back to the bare metal. Then we use a self-etching primer on the bare metal in order to ensure that the rust will not return, and the vehicle will look new again.

Metallic Paint for Your Car

We can put a little sparkle and glimmer in the paint and give it a beautiful metallic finish. We use a high grade metallic paint for every paint job because we want your car to have that extra special glimmer as you cruise down the highway.

Court Automotive car painting services include expert color matching or completely changing the color of your car.
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