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Body Shop Collision Repair

Collision repair has been the speciality of our body shop for years. We know how to SAVE YOU MONEY while still providing quality work when you need to repair your wrecked automobile.

Court Automotive body shop will blueprint your car after a collision to determine what needs to be done to repair it to its prior condition before the accident. We look at your car's VIN number to determine the specific parts and sizes of every feature of your car. Then we examine the damaged area and determine if we need to order parts to repair the mechanical sections, remove dents or scratches, paint the car, or repair upholstery.

Court Automotive body shop knows how to make sure you do not get stuck with extra out-of-pocket charges if and when the insurance company fails to give you a bid that covers the cost of the entire auto collision repair. When you bring your car to our auto body shop, we assess collision damage and know that damage is not all on the exterior of your car. It is often deep inside the interior, where an insurance adjuster does not look. We educate our clients so they know their rights when dealing with their insurance companies. Court Automotive auto body shop wants them, not you, to cover the entire cost of repairing the damages to your car.

Our Auto Body Shop Works for You

Before we give you a written estimate from our auto body shop, we study your car inside and out and look for damages from your collision that are hidden deep inside the interior. We know that car crashes affect more than the exterior body of your car, and we want to make sure you have a dependable, driveable automobile when you leave our shop. After you leave your car at Court Automotive auto body shop, we will disassemble the damaged area and notify your insurance company if there are further damages that were not included in their estimate.

If the damage is more extensive than the estimate from the insurance company, we follow these procedures:

  • Our body shop will stop work.
  • We contact the insurance company for you and physically show them the internal damage they missed in their estimate.
  • We have the insurance company cover the extra costs of the full repairs so you will not be billed.
  • Our body shop will start work again and complete the work in a timely manner.
  • Court Automotive body shop works FOR THE CUSTOMER, not the insurance company.

By carefully following these procedures, the insurance company will pay for damage that was not in their original estimate . . . not you.

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We Return Your Repaired Car

When the damages have been repaired, we complete a full quality control checklist for your automobile in our body shop. Once Court Automotive ensures that the damages from your collision have been repaired properly, we wash and clean your car, FREE OF CHARGE, before we return it to you.


wrecked automobile

A client brought his wrecked car to us in this condition.


car that was repaired after it was wrecked

We returned it to him looking like this.

Visit our Gallery Page to see more BEFORE and AFTER photos.

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