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Paint and Body Repair

car seat upholstery repaired with gray leather


Court Automotive is the premier auto body shop in College Station and Bryan that can change the upholstery in your car, truck, or vehicle. We have been giving car interiors a professional look for years.

We want you to be a part of the upholstery process by selecting the material you like. We have samples of fabrics and materials to help you make this important decision. Working together, we know you will be happy with the results.

Seat Repair

Everyday wear and tear can be hard on car seats. As a result of sliding in and out of cars, car seats can rip and tear, leaving unsightly car upholstery.

Court Automotive paint and body shop can reupholster car, truck, motorcycle, and boat seats and make them look new again.


A headliner is the upholstery fabric in the top interior of a car. Many times, this fabric can tear, sag, or fall down.

We will examine the car and ascertain the reason for the headliner problem. If it is not apparent, we can repair the headliner in your car, regardless of the underlying problem.

New Cloth or Leather Installations

Before we start to upholster the interior of your car, we will let you look through our samples of cloth and leather. You can select the material that will look nice in your car and give you a more comfortable ride.

Custom Exotic Interiors

Give your car that custom look with ostrich or carbon fiber material. We have many fabrics and leathers from which to choose. Look through our samples and find one that will give your car a luxurious and upscale look.

Our Award Winning Upholstery Work

Best in Show Honors

award winning truck with upholstery by Court Automotive

We were honored to be asked to completely redo the upholstery work and interior on a 1987 Chevy C-10 truck that was going to be entered in a contest for Street Trucks Magazine. The truck won best-of-show, and we are proud that our upholstery work helped earn this high honor for the owners.

We installed new OEM carpet, refinished the steering column, added an Intro Rally billet steering wheel, color-matched the dashboard, and installed billet trim panels and leather-wrapped bench seats. It was stunning!

Removing and Adding New Upholstery

The images below show the first steps we are taking in the upholstery process to renovate this old truck. When we finish, it will be one classy truck.

man removing old truck upholstery from back of seat

Our upholstery technician removes the old upholstery from the back of the truck seat.

man removing headliner from old truck

Removing the old headliner is the next step in the upholstery process.

man installing new headliner in old truck

Replacing the headliner with new material will make the interior look new again.

Court Automotive can professionally replace any upholstery in any vehicle.
Our upholstery work looks as good as it did when it left the factory.
We serve Bryan, College Station, and surrounding areas.

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