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Paint and Body Repair

man detailing a car and picking up trash from interior

Car Detailing

Call Court Auto body shop, located in the College Station and Bryan, TX., area, to detail your car or truck. When we detail an automobile, we wash and clean the interior, exterior, and car engine. We make sure that your car is spotless on the inside and clean and shiny on the outside when you pick it up. You won't recognize your car when we finish with it!

Interior Detail

  • Vacuum car seats
  • Remove and clean floor liners
  • Vacuum floor of car
  • Empty cigarette tray
  • Clean inside of windshield
  • Clean interior of all windows
  • Clean dashboard
  • Clean steering wheel
  • Empty any trash in door side panels
  • Empty any trash on the floor
  • Dust and shine dashboard
detail interior of car

Leave your car with us for detailing and we will clean every nook and cranny on the inside of your car.

Exterior Detail

  • Wash exterior of all windows
  • Wash outside of windshield
  • Clean exterior body of car
  • Clean wheels
  • Apply wax exterior of car
  • Clean engine and make it look new again
detail exterior of car

When we detail the outside of your car, we make sure to remove all dirt, bugs, and grime. Your car will look beautiful!

Court Automotive can detail your car and make it shine. The floors, seats, dashboard area, and interior will be spotless.
Tires, wheels, exterior body, and car engine will sparkle.
We serve Bryan, College Station, and surrounding areas.

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